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          Workers unite online

          They're logging on to combat lagging labour laws, costly court proceedings, and outsourcing management, writes Gaia Caramazza

          What happens if a university fails?

          David Ridley reflects on the Augar Review

          Britain’s BAME community will fall through the cracks due to Brexit

          Brexit will exacerbate poverty, austerity and social tensions - all of which hit BAME people the hardest. By Bethany Morris.

          Can you see me?

          Amanda Haziz-Ginsberg says that legislation against ‘modern slavery’ is a double-edged sword

          Free trade can seriously damage your health

          These practises open the door to Big Pharma companies and disastrous private health companies, writes T.J. Coles

          We need to decolonise museums

          Decolonising the museum is a pathway to decolonising society. We must start by providing more honest accounts of our past, says Subhadra Das

          You can’t kill the spirit

          A new book tells the story of the women who set up a pit camp to defend Houghton Main colliery against closure in 1992. It has been written by participants from Houghton and Sheffield Women Against Pit Closures: Caroline, Flis, Debbie and Marilyn

          Copper mining in a climate emergency

          Sebastian Ordo?ez Mu?oz reports on?the red metal mining at the heart of a new wave of colonial expansion in Latin America

          Life behind bars at Yarl’s Wood

          ‘Voke’, a refugee from sexual violence in West Africa, describes her incarceration at the Yarl’s Wood detention centre

          Scientists against the machine

          Jane Shallice examines the history of radical research at the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science

          Austerity starves our culture

          Museums – and museum workers – have been hit hard by austerity policies and cuts. Clara Paillard outlines some of the key battlegrounds and considers what an alternative cultural policy might look like

          Locking people up won’t help combat sexual violence

          We need look beyond individual punishment to tackle a crisis which pervades the fabric of our society, argues Ann Russo

          200 years from the Peterloo Massacre, we need a new movement for real democracy

          Jon Narcross reflects on the legacy of the mass gathering for political representation, which was brutally shut down by the military and police.